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A Package Manager for Delphi

install command (DPM CLI)

Downloads and installs a package using the specified sources. If no sources are specified, all sources defined in the DPM configuration file are used. If the configuration file specifies no sources, uses the default DPM feed. If no sources are specified, those listed in the global configuration file, %appdata%\.dpm\dpm.Config


dpm install <packageID> [options]

where <packageID> names the package to install (using the latest version). You can indicate a specific version with the -Version option. Alternatively, use the packageFile option to specify the package.


Option Description
compiler The Delphi compiler version to target. If not specified, the version is detected from the .dproj file. See compiler-versions.
configFile The dpm configuration file to apply. If not specified, %AppData%\.dpm\dpm.Config is used.
force Force install of package (acts as restore).
help Displays help information for the command.
packageFile The path to a package file (.dpkg).
platforms The platforms to install for (comma-separated). Default is to install for all platforms the project targets. See platforms.
projectPath The path to a dproj or groupproj, or a folder containing 1 or more dproj files. Defaults to current directory.
preRelease Allows prerelease packages to be installed.
sources Specifies a comma-separated list of package sources to use. If omitted, the command uses the sources provided in configuration files.
verbosity Specifies the amount of detail displayed in the output: normal, quiet, detailed.
version Specifies the version of the package to install.


dpm install VSoft.CommandLine

dpm install VSoft.CommandLine -version=1.0.1 -projectPath=c:\myprojects\project1.dproj

dpm install Spring.Base -projectPath=c:\myprojects -target=10.3

dpm install DUnitX.Framework -projectPath=c:\myproject\tests\mytest.dproj -compiler=10.3 -platforms=Win32,Win64,OSX32