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A Package Manager for Delphi


We welcome contributions, however before submitting any changes, create an issue on GitHub so we can discuss your ideas, bugs etc. That way we all avoid wasting effort.

We make extensive use of Spring4D for Dependency Injection and collections. Make sure you are up to speed with DI and use it where possible.

Building DPM

DPM uses the following external libs







Clone these repos to your machine, then add Symlinks in the Source\Libs folder for each one

e.g (adjust paths accordingly)

mklink /D Spring4D i:\bitbucket\spring4d
mklink /D VSoft.AntPatterns i:\github\VSoft.AntPatterns

These will be eventually pulled in as packages, but for now, till we are stable we’re going old school!

There are some test packages in the TestPackages Folder and a batch file to generate them - need to specify an output folder (ie your feed folder) as a parameter, e.g

GeneratePackages C:\DPMFeed

Then you need to add the feed as a source

dpm sources add -name=local -source=c:\DPMFeed