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A Package Manager for Delphi

Consuming Packages

Before you can use DPM, you need a Package Source - you must add at least one package source.

Since we don’t yet have a globally accessible package source (ala, you will need to download the package files from the where ever the package author publishes them. This will likely be attachments to a GitHub or BitBucket release, or on the author’s website.

Installing a package

Open a command prompt in your Delphi project’s folder (ie the folder where the dproj file lives).

To install a package, we use the dpm install command


dpm install VSoft.CommandLine

This would install the latest version of the VSoft.CommandLine package (assuming it was found), for all supported platforms that are enabled in the Delphi project file. If there are more than one Delphi project files in the folder, the package will be installed into all projects found. For more information on the installation process, see how it works.

Note that installing a package modifies the dproj file