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A Package Manager for Delphi

Known Issues

Delphi Compiler Version detection

DPM uses the ProjectVersion element in the dproj file to determine the compiler version. This is unfortunately not 100% reliable for all compiler versions.

In these cases, you will see a warning about an ambiguous version. You can avoid this by specifying the -compiler option on the command line. When we have an IDE client, this will not be an issue since we will know which Delphi version we are using from the hosting environment.

Package Reference Versions are fixed

Currently, when a package is installed in a project, a PackageReference is added to the dproj with the exact version that was installed. In theory (and this is true for nuget), the version should be able to float, for example you should be able to specify a Version Range and the package restore would resolve the highest compatible version (taking into account other dependencies). This could result in more successful package installs as there are more versions to chose from

We chose not to implement floating versions (ie a version range) at this time. However, it is something we’ll consider for the future.

These docs are hard to navigate

Need to figure out how to use jekyll etc to improve the layout.